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If you are a life science, medical or computer graduate with a dream of being a part of research and development of path breaking science projects and making medicinal breakthroughs, a clinical career in clinical research is for you.

Clinical Research is the systematic scientific study of testing a new drug,medical device, or other types of therapeutic solutions on human subjects to verify its efficacy, safety and benefits as well as record any adverse effects it might have on patients. It is used to generate clinical or pharmacological data that is then analyzed by scientific experts who determine, whether the drug or device is safe enough for large-scale use and can be launched commercially or not.

Job Prospects Around the World:

The pharmaceutical companies across the world are estimated at US$427billion. They spend around 60 to 65 million dollars on Research and Development, out of which 40 billion dollars is solely dedicated to development of new drugs. 70% of time and money spent on drug development is consumed by Clinical Trials for these drugs. With technological and scientific advances, acceleration in drug discovery processes, and emphasis on finding solutions to new diseases, lifestyle problems, and diseases that have not been rendered curable yet, the Clinical Research Industry is showing a potential for strong growth at a global level over the next few years.

Thus,the industry is one of the most lucrative options to look out for in terms of employment. The US alone employs about 2,100,000 clinical research professionals while the UK has above 70,000 people working in this field. The annual salary growth of professionals in this field is calculated to be around 4%, whereas other segments show an average increase of less than 1% a year.

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