How to Become a Process Server

Most people struggle just to get by and support their families. They work meaningless jobs for bosses who don’t appreciate them. They take home just enough to cover the bills, and they never seem to get ahead.

You know the type I’m talking about. They always seem to have plenty of money and they don’t kill themselves working long hours to get it. They drive nice cars, take nice vacations, and they have the free time to enjoy life.

I’m living proof. In 2005 I was struggling to get by. I was a full-time student taking 18 credits a semester, and I worked 40 hours a week to pay the bills. Some nights, I would only get a couple hours of sleep.

Once, the utility company actually shut off my power because I couldn’t pay the bill. I was stuck doing college course work in the dark. I had to wait until my next paycheck cleared just to get the power back on. Something had to change!

I learned the proven secrets to becoming a successful process server – now I’m sharing those secrets with you.

Process servers get paid to deliver legal papers. It’s really very simple. You just pick up the papers from your client and deliver them to the recipient. The documents could be divorce papers, a personal injury lawsuit, or something similar.

Process servers are paid well for their services. You’ll be paid for each serve and for special services such as rush jobs, skip-tracing, and surveillance. The more papers you serve, the more you’ll make.

You don’t need a college degree or years of experience to become a process server. With the right information, you could start your own process serving business and become…

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